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Who I am? | Miquel Raga

Valencià by birth, gironí by decision and computer programmer by formation are three factors that add up and mark my perfectionist and methodical character, trying not to leave anything to chance. Looking for perfection and simplicity I decided to create this website following the patterns I like finding in photography as well as in life: simplicity, without distractions but with rigor and organisation.

In the photograph this rigor and order are basic keys to find perfection, but the lack of them is a good compensation, therefore I find exciting the photography of concerts, thematic in what I focus my work.

In this photographic discipline, the model or scenario to work with is not prepared by oneself, having to deal with the lights, movements, unexpected changes; having to be fast, watchful and above all, you feel that you do not have control of the scene. I use that to go against my structured lifestyle.

Concert photography fills me, satisfies me, appeases me, seduces me and captivates me, above all, concerts in which music fits well in what I think is good music: rock and especially heavy metal.

Sounds that push me to seek the detail, posture, wink, movement, quiet, restlessness, sharing, complicity or solitude of the artists on stage. I also like to capture the feelings of my companions of enjoyment from the audience when I try to enter into their intimacy and I capture it.

Apart from photography of concerts, I also use my camera to catch calmer moments around me or my experiences, my small world and surroundings or our great and infinite world.

This is Miquel Raga in a quick recap.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Henry Miller

If you want to catch me just write to info@miquelraga.com